Introducing GGA-Architecture

Who is GGA-Architecture?

Representation matters. For us this means creating a brand that is representative of our team and vision: a cohesive way of showing our clients what and who they’re getting when they work with us.

We want to stay true to that history while writing our designs into the future.

Gibbs Gage Architects set-up shop in Calgary in 1983 and has been building transformative spaces since.


Our firm began with two friends. Wade Gibbs and Doug Gage met during their time at the University of Manitoba, working late on studio projects and fostering their architectural visions in the University of Manitoba architecture studio.

Following graduation, they went on to work with various firms before reconvening in Calgary, establishing Gibbs Gage Architects.

We are thankful for their work, dedication and encouragement over the past 39 years.

Change is good.

The architecture world is constantly changing, from reclads to renos — we are in the business of change and we embrace that.

We believe change should come from within, emboldening the talent and ingenuity of the designers, technologists and contract administrators who make GGA what we are today: a distinctive, modern multi-disciplinary team with a passion for enduring architecture.

The Process

In the conception of this design we worked through a wide array of concepts for renaming. GGA is what we have called ourselves for years internally, so it just felt right. We wanted our brand to reflect our team while paying homage to our history. GGA-Architecture does that.

The journey of working through a rebrand with five design focused partners and a whole studio of design professionals was not an easy point A to B experience. But after many meetings, laughs, and oddly shaped g’s, we’ve arrived.

Getting our staff involved in the re-branding process was a key element in the development of this brand update.

GGA hosted a naming competition that was judged by the Partners to land on our new company colour “Gage Blue.”

We hosted a colour naming competition within our office to determine the final name of this mysterious midnight blue, finally landing on Gage Blue, an homage to our founders.

This fun activity engaged our team, sparking heated debates about whether this enigmatic Pantone was blue, purple or the controversial combination — “blurple”. Finding ways to incorporate the team beyond marketing and leadership was crucial to this process. Our team is diverse, multidisciplinary and full of sharp creative eyes. While that doesn’t make for the easiest re-brand process, it’s something we wouldn’t change for the world. This willingness to deliberate, debate and the passion for getting things “just right” is a defining characteristic of the GGA way.

What now?

39 years of shaping skylines, building communities and enriching lives through the built form across western Canada have emboldened and solidified our design methodologies. Our approach to design has always been influenced by context: economic, cultural, social, environmental and geographic. Taking inspiration from the regions, our designs are reflective of the natural environment that envelopes them and intentional in their achievement of timeless, classic, yet modern architecture.

Our reputation for the production of the highest quality drawings and project management prowess parallels our design artistry and commitment to our clients; we recognize the significance of partnering with top innovators and visionaries and value true collaboration. Our team of talented industry professionals understands these expectations, finding innovative ways to solve contemporary problems through design. The brand and logo reflects the inclusive, sustainable and innovative aspects of our firm and one that engages our clients in the process.

It’s the way we have always done architecture. It’s GGA-Architecture.



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