Saddletowne Library

  • LOCATION : Calgary, AB
  • LEED :
  • CLIENT :
  • SIZE :
  • YEAR :

Saddletowne Library is designed with a focus on both community and sustainability—providing a communal gathering space within a greater recreation complex (ie. Genesis Centre).

The challenge for this facility was the functional changes and technological elements not previously included in traditional library design. With the aid of technology, the library has been able to re-structure the work process of their staff providing a more direct interaction with the client and less sorting of materials. This changes the workflow and function of a typical library space. Although many of these technologies have been implemented in existing facilities, this is the first application of these technologies in the design process for the Calgary Public Library.

Project details:

Location: Calgary, AB
Owner: City of Calgary
LEED: Gold
Year: 2012
Size: 18,000 sq. ft.