Project Thrive

  • LOCATION : Calgary, AB
  • LEED :
  • CLIENT :
  • SIZE :
  • YEAR :

Project Thrive (formerly “Sierra Place”) is a project that had some incredible challenges to overcome in a very rapid delivery model. While still in progress, the challenges that have been addressed in the first Phases were signs of a well-integrated, collaborative team. As a conversion from office building to Social Housing, the existing conditions and project constraints had to be communicated and integrated in rapid fashion. A comprehensive Building Condition Assessment/Pre-Design Test Fit was performed to confirm compatibility of the HomeSpace program with the existing structure/facility boundaries. Additionally, a Development-Permit (DP) submission and ultimate DP approval were completed in an eight-week period. This project has set a new benchmark for collaboration and speed of Approval between a Project Team and City Administration, insofar, as to pave the way for future projects that require this rapid delivery and certainty of approvals.

Project Details:

Location: Calgary, AB
Client: HomeSpace
Size: 80 units
Year: Under construction