Earl Grey Clubhouse

  • LOCATION : Calgary, AB
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The Earl Grey Golf Club is an establishment within the Calgary context of golf and leisure. The Earl Grey Club was established in 1919 and is dedicated to “following and respecting the traditions of the past while providing facilities and improvements for future generations.”

The architecture and site planning work to respect the long lasting traditions and acknowledge the surrounding context. The concept begins at the front gates, using the approach to the front door as a procession leading through a landscaped parking area and opening up to views of the course. The landscaping of the parking lot creates a buffer for the surrounding neighbourhoods and directs the visitors of the course to the front door.

The prominent stone wall and wood beams expressed in the architecture hark back to the original clubhouse and look to re-use elements of the building in the new architecture. The large overhangs and sweeping rooflines reflect a prairie style regional architecture while providing passive summer shading and natural lighting through the wrapping clerestory windows. The building is sited to utilize the natural slope of the site and direct views of the occupants to the 1st tee, 10th tee and 18th hole. This building not only offers amenities to the club members, but also offers banquet facilities for public use and considers itself a member of the community.

Project details:

Location: Calgary, AB
Client: Earl Grey Golf Club
Size: 30,489 sq. ft.
Year: 2018