Banded Peak Labatt Facility

  • LOCATION : Calgary, AB
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Banded Peak Brewery has built itself around an appreciation of the outdoors and a sense of adventure, even taking its name from an iconic mountain in the nearby Rockies.  Starting as a trio of childhood friends brewing out of their homes, Banded Peak Brewing is now an established Calgary craft brewer located in the Manchester Industrial District, and are expanding their production spaces to more than double the previous capacity.  While primarily being a point of distribution, the brewery expansion strives to also enhance its reputation as one of Calgary’s destinations.

The design of the new expansion takes its inspiration from the spirit of the company, creating two mountain ranges framing a glazed pass, building visual connection between passersby and the brewers and activity within.  By embracing the nature of the production space and the neighbourhood at large, typical industrial construction and materials are utilized in a way which combines industry with social activity and urban design.  Simple economic metal siding and perforated screening add layers of textural depth to the expansion’s façade, building visual intrigue for visitors as they approach to spend their evening on the new rooftop patio.  And as opposed to being hidden away, the brewing equipment itself is celebrated, proudly displayed along the north building edge and through the feature glazed corner while rooftop patrons can peer down into the activity below through skylights.

Project Details:

Location: Calgary, AB
Client: Banded Peak Brewing