• LOCATION : Calgary, AB
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The Commons building features ATCO’s signature Blue Flame kitchen, a cafe, a learning demonstration of innovation center and a fitness centre. The campus is designed to be a showpiece—demonstrating ATCO’s multidisciplinary role within the province. The building is a welcoming reprieve with warm approachable materials, embracing bio philia by using natural materials and taking advantage of expansive mountain views. The Commons features large curved glulam beams creating a distinct rhythm throughout the space emphasizing the scale of the structure. Furniture selection was a key component of the project. A variety of furniture types, with varying textures and materials along with fireplaces and lighting enables the space to be broken into zones this creates collaboration areas, cozy living room settings, café seating and flexible zones. A large mezzanine runs the length of the structure housing a state of the art conference center featuring team rooms echoing the form of the original ATCO trailer.

Wellness also plays a large role in the interior design. Each office building features an atrium proving additional natural lighting. Most closed meeting rooms are located on the core ensuring daylight and views for all. Natural materials were emphasized such as the fumed larch surrounding the atrium. Another important aspect of the design was the ability to integrate current and future technology into spaces for a seamless experience. Along with this, flexible solutions were considered rather than over prescribing the use of the space for a single activity. Zones were designed to provide a framework that allows space to adapt over time, easily integrating new technology and tools as they evolve in the future. Acoustics were carefully considered, soft surfaces were emphasized and focus rooms are located throughout the floorplate. We also created opportunities throughout the work neighbourhoods to demonstrate and celebrate the accomplishments of ATCO such as the story wall. The space defines the future of the ATCO brand both internally and externally building on the firms long history and reputation for excellence.

Designed in collaboration with Pickard Chilton.

Project details:

Location: Calgary, AB
Client: ATCO
LEED: Gold
Year: 2017
Size: 43,000 sq. ft.
Award: Prairie Wood Design Award | Industry Award (2019)