Nelson Mandela High School

  • LOCATION : Calgary, AB
  • LEED :
  • CLIENT :
  • SIZE :
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This 1,800-capacity school is inspired by the context and a unique approach by the Calgary Board of Education with respect to the school delivery model. Firstly, the site and concept of the design responds to master planning vision established at the outset of the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness just south of the school. This plan outlines a new centre of the community linked by a promenade to the north commercial centre of this area. The high school recognizes that circulation and creates a dual spine in the north south direction – one inside and one outside, that invites the community across the school site while providing safety and security for the students. This spine organizes the school between CTS programming with potential extended hour uses and the core academic school. The circulation spine extends to a gymnasium on the south and an anticipated future shared education/community uses 300 seat theatre. The academic spaces wrap a centralized, bright and open learning commons atrium that can open up to the adjacent tiered gathering and social space for special events. The school is designed to respond to the unique cultural influences of this community and promotes more independence in learning as the students begin their transition to post secondary environments.

Project details:

Location: Calgary, AB
Client: Calgary Board of Education
Size: 169,478 sq. ft.
Year: 2018
LEED: Silver