Foothills Academy

  • LOCATION : Calgary, AB
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This project was a two-part expansion to an international, award-winning facility allowing for an increase in capacity of 150 students, as well as an enlargement to the school’s notable community services component. The school additions include a single-volume auxiliary gymnasium space for light athletics and fundraising events, a second-floor academic wing and a lower administrative area with adjoining rooms and gathering spaces to facilitate research, counselling, and lectures, given in support of students with learning disabilities.

Fundamental to the educational delivery in the addition was the idea of flexibility and providing break-out spaces with ample light. The design team worked with the education and school administration to create spaces that would be more conducive to the alternate program delivery necessary for their special pupils. A lower administrative area features adjoining rooms and gathering spaces to facilitate research, counselling and lectures. The flexibility and adaptability to break into small groups within the neighborhood of the school provides great support of students with learning disabilities. These enhanced-learning therapy rooms are designed with specific attention to acoustics and light that makes these spaces exceptionally comfortable and accommodating to specialized learning. This attention to detail provides an opportunity to showcase the existing building in a way that is harmonious with the surrounding, yet, adds a level of 21st Century Learning and playfulness.

Project details:

Location: Calgary, AB
Client: Foothills Academy
Size: 44,670 sq. ft.
Year: 2012