Werklund School of Agriculture Technology

  • LOCATION : Olds, AB
  • LEED :
  • CLIENT : Olds College
  • SIZE :
  • YEAR : Under construction

This renovation and addition of the James Murray Building, is intended to forever change the campus at Olds College. Showcasing the innovation in the technology of agribusiness and agronomy, this renovation takes an old introverted and closed building and turns into an open, collaborative incubator showcasing learning and student culture.

The design intent is inspired by the strongest influences in farming, the soil and the sky. The new atrium features 50 feet of clerestory glazing that not only imbues the classrooms with natural light it reminds the occupants of the undeniable relationship of farming to the sky and the weather it holds.

The school embraces 21st century learning principles of learning everywhere and anywhere that is all too relevant to modern farm.

Project Details:

Location: Olds, AB
Client: Olds College
Year: 2022